Practitioner of the Year 2021 Recipient

SCPA NSW Awards 2021 Catrin Martin
"I started my career as a primary school teacher in London and have worked as a school counsellor in the UK and Asia. The most rewarding part of the role for me is when I connect with a young person, and they trust me to support them with their challenges. It was an honour to have received the practitioner of the year award and to celebrate the work that we undertake as school counsellors and psychologists with colleagues."

Catrin Martin has demonstrated:

  1. Professional leadership in their school or community, through initiatives, projects and programs.
  2. A major professional accomplishment specifically related to their role and has impacted positively on the wellbeing of students.

Practitioner of the Year 2021 Nominees

  • Hugh Kirkby
  • Melissa Moss

New Practitioner of the Year 2021 Recipient

SCPA NSW Awards 2021 Alice Scott-Wells
"I find working in a school setting to be one of the most rewarding yet challenging aspects of the role as we need to adapt and collaborate with the students, their families, the teaching staff and any services that may provide external support. However, I find working with a wider community to be the most rewarding as ‘it takes a village to raise a child' and our role can be vital in enhancing a student’s wellbeing and educational needs. It’s an honour to have received this award as it is an important step towards having our role recognised and understood within the wider school community."

Alice Scott-Wells:

  1. Understands the individual needs of students, develops their strengths and fosters their development through a comprehensive and evidence-based intervention program.
  2. Encourages collaborative relationships with collegaues, sutdents and their families, and the community to promote positive student wellbeing and mental health.

New Practitioner of the Year 2021 Nominee

  • Hayley Hargreaves

Innovator of the Year 2021 Recipient

SPCA NSW Awards 2021 Lauren Brincat
"I initially commenced my project in response to experiencing the increasing incidence and severity of suicidal crises in children under the age of 13 while working as a school counsellor. It became clear that therapeutic approaches were needed (not just risk management), particularly for students in primary school settings whose staff felt underprepared and tended to lean towards an 'assess and refer' model. It has been rewarding to share my safety planning intervention research findings with school psychology colleagues and help teach practical, client-centered therapeutic approaches for use in schools. To receive the 'innovator of the year' award was greatly appreciated as I felt acknowledged as well as hopeful that my contribution in this space has potentially helped to save a life somewhere. I would highly recommend nominating a colleague who has pursued a passion project in the area of school counselling and psychology to celebrate the unique influence our service has in the lives of children and young people in NSW."

Lauren Brincat has:

  1. Used evidenced based innovative practice or technology to enhance student wellbeing and mental health.
  2. Developed and led programs, initiatives or school systemst to support the development o fstudent wellbeing and mental health.

Innovator of the Year 2021 Nominees

  • Penelope (Penny) Lalor