School Counselling and Psychology Association NSW

Membership Terms and Conditions

Updated 7 February 2022

The following terms and conditions apply to all members of School Counselling and Psychology Association NSW ABN 83 612 961 925 (SCPA NSW) unless specified. It sets out member rights, SCPA NSW’s commitment to members, and member responsibilities to the SCPA NSW.

1. Constitution

All Members of the SCPA NSW are bound by the Constitution (available here)

2. SCPA NSW Membership Subscriptions

2.1 SCPA NSW membership year

The SCPA NSW membership year is 12 months from the date of invoice.

2.2 Payment methods

Payment may be made by electronic funds transfer or PayPal (no PayPal account required). Other forms of payment will not be accepted. An application fee will be payable upon applying for membership or renewal of lapsed membership.

2.3 Non-payment of membership subscription fees

Invoice reminders will be sent 14 days, 7 days, and 1 day before due date. Any member of SCPA NSW whose membership subscription remains unpaid 30 days after the invoice due date will be retired from the register of members and will no longer have access to membership benefits.  Retired members’ contact information will be kept and stored securely.  Should the retired member wish to rejoin, they will be required to submit a new membership application and the application fee will apply.

3. Applying to join or reinstate your SCPA NSW membership

SCPA NSW reviews applications for membership in accordance with the Constitution and retains discretion whether to approve applications. To maximise the applicant’s opportunity to be approved as a member, the applicant should provide requested supporting documentation immediately following the submission of their application.

3.1. Supporting documentation for student memberships.

Evidence of current full-time enrolment in an approved school counselling/school psychology degree (i.e. enrolment certificate) is required for student membership applications and must be submitted within two weeks of the date of application. If supporting documentation is not supplied within that time, the application will be rejected.  Students will be required to reapply with supporting documentation each year.

3.2. Payment for new members

Payment for new membership applications is required within two weeks of the date of application.  If payment is not received within this time, the application will be voided.

4. Changing membership grade

Membership grade can only be reviewed at time of renewal.  Members eligible to change membership grades should contact SCPA NSW at   

5. Resigning your SCPA NSW membership

A member may resign membership of SCPA NSW, by sending a notice by email to Where the notice of resignation does not include a resignation date, membership will cease at the conclusion of the membership year. The member is not entitled to a refund of the annual membership subscription (either in whole or in part).

6. Transferring SCPA NSW membership

SCPA NSW memberships are individual and are non-transferable.

7. Previous membership fees

SCPA NSW does not provide refunds for previous years’ membership fees under any circumstances. SCPA NSW membership is optional and is paid on an annual basis. There is no obligation on school counsellors/psychologists to hold SCPA NSW membership.

8. Enquiries

Please direct all enquiries relating to payment of your SCPA NSW membership via email to