School Counsellor and School Psychologist Recognition Day

10th November 2021

The last two years have been difficult ones for SCPA NSW members and our school counselling/psychology colleagues across the state. Navigating the increased levels of distress associated with the pandemic, adjusting to telehealth delivery of counselling/psychology services in schools, working from home while supporting wellbeing at the school level — adjusting to these changes highlights the unique skills, professionalism and resilience of our vocation. School counsellors and school psychologists have risen to the challenge and continued to connect with empathy and compassion, fostering hope in our young people and helping them through their life circumstances. 

Thank you, school counsellors and school psychologists. For listening. For collaborating. For being there for children and young people.

SCPA NSW encourages schools to celebrate School Counsellor and School Psychologist Recognition Day on Wednesday 10th November 2021. School counsellors and school psychologists can celebrate with their teams. Other members of the school community can recognise this special day and give thanks to their counselling and psychology colleagues — whether it be through a simple acknowledgement or message of thanks, a (virtual or otherwise) morning tea celebration, or a newsletter item.

SC and SP Recognition Day Promo Material Download